New SEO related questions dealt by Mat Cutts

In his last webmaster video Matt Cutts discussed some questions related to Penalty Link Examples, SEO and Webmaster Tools. It is quite important to fully understand the strategy of links when dealing with a website. To put it simply, one should be fully aware of the sites that are forming a link with them. Higher […] Continue reading

Content Freshness and Concealed Content in SEO

The discussion today would be on a subject that concerns itself with website optimization and web-spam, focusing on what the expert on SEO as well as Google engineer, Mat Cutts, has to say on this. The first part of the discussion would be regarding the safety of concealed content, which the visitor can see only […] Continue reading

Finding Bad Links Getting Directed to the Site

While building any website, SEO is used for optimizing the site which in turn puts the webmasters in all sorts of trouble like handling bad links. If the site contains several links from sites that are not legitimate pointing towards it then the rank of the site can drastically reduce. The main reason behind this […] Continue reading

Matt Cutts answers SEO related questions

Google’s Matt Cutts faced some “website downtime” and “voice search” questions in this week’s one-to-one. Someone asked whether a website will be suffering a lot, particularly in its ranking and SEO, if it stays down for a period of 24 hours. The man from Google answered that it won’t be a big concern if it […] Continue reading

Attributing Source Content with SEO

While writing the original contents for a blog, people always wonder as to how the sources used should be attributed. In other words, it can be said that they want to learn how to place the resources in an article that were used for writing it. Recently, one webmaster contacted Matt Cutts, Google Engineer, to […] Continue reading

SERP subjectivity and Advertorial questions answered by Matt Cutts

Google’s webspam team head, Matt Cutts shared his views regarding advertorials recently in his YouTube channel. They may look like age-old advertising but advertorials are more like editorials or natural content. The problem associated with this is that when people go through an advertorial content piece, they draw a quick conclusion that the content is […] Continue reading

SEO in coming months from Google’s perspective

It is time again to analyse one of the videos of Mr. Matt Cutts and extract useful information from it by dividing it into smaller, itemised sections. One of the users asked Matt Cutts, the leading engineer at Google, where SEO could be in coming months from Google’s perspective? One of the key things that […] Continue reading

Google rolled out Penguin 2.0

As per Matt Cutts blog post, Google started rolling out the newest version of the Penguin webspam algorithms on May 22, 2013. Only 2.3% of US queries will be affected  and the goal of the recent update is to more impact the webspammed sites. During the roll out of Penguin 2.0 some websites have been […] Continue reading