Finding Bad Links Getting Directed to the Site

Dental SEO OptimizationWhile building any website, SEO is used for optimizing the site which in turn puts the webmasters in all sorts of trouble like handling bad links. If the site contains several links from sites that are not legitimate pointing towards it then the rank of the site can drastically reduce. The main reason behind this is to eliminate sites using bad backlinking strategies. As a matter of fact, legitimate businesses also get punished in the process. The most unfortunate thing is that examples of “bad” links are not provided by Google when it sends reports to different sites.

People face different types of trouble related to SEO after submitting to Google their reconsideration request. They generally ask for clarification regarding which links cause the actual problem. But, surprisingly they are faced with one more denial. This is mainly because of the fact that the system processes its replies with only “No”, “Processed” and “Yes”. It is not capable of assisting with clarification required by webmasters.

Matt Cutts, Google Engineer recommends that people can visit the forum for Webmaster Tools and get answers to their questions there. Experienced webmasters are available out there capable of providing helpful feedback. This will lead to better understanding about the actual cause of problem. “Bad links” examples are also offered by the Tools which can be quite beneficial when it comes to SEO.

It has already been acknowledged by Cutts that transparency is lacking at present which can affect legitimate businesses in an adverse manner. But, the main cause behind the system being made to work this way is growing spammer numbers. It is definitely not possible to respond to every individual trying to fool the system through illegitimate tactics.

Cutts also said that work is under progress by Google towards the creation of new features and tools that will not increase transparency but help in business expansion through identifying bad links and what can be done for fixing them. Link removal is not always easy however it can lead to better ranking and avoid false spamming claims.

For the time being, webmasters need to undertake good assumptions and play smart regarding links that are hurting the site. Before the tools becoming more robust, webmasters need to depend on SEO expansion and follow legitimate linking strategies for improving site rankings. Webmasters need to make full use of the resources available at present to continue with the good work.

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