How Google Assists Webmasters with Search Engine Optimization

Matt_Cuts_Answering_SEO_Questions-20130716Chief Engineer of Google Matt Cutts recently received a question from one YouTube user that when will Google consider supporting questions of webmasters without just sending automated responses. Some problems were faced by this user and he had sent details of it to Google but again the responses were automated.

Scale is a huge problem for Google as it has to deal with millions of domain names and offering individual responses is a bit difficult at this stage for Google. But, it cannot be said that Google is doing nothing for SEO efforts made by webmasters to help their sites get proper exposure.

Primary concern of Google is returning best web results to visitors every time they conduct a search query. Secondary concerns are the problems faced by webmasters about automated responses. But, Google has already responded to 400,000 requests or more answering various SEO questions from webmasters for optimizing their sites in the best possible way.

Even though, sending responses to every individual query is hard for Google but scalable ways are being devised for answering various types of questions about everything related to websites. YouTube videos are definitely an innovative way adopted by Google for answering different questions by webmasters. Instead of replying numerous times, the videos help to answer only one time which saves Google from any extra effort. The videos have become highly popular and more number of people in the website business is finding it as a good way to get answers to their doubts and queries.