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Google’s search updated with Hummingbird

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hummingbird-seo-googleGoogle has yet again done an update of its search engine facilitating a better list of results with greater accuracy for difficult questions. The update has been rolled out very recently and is called Hummingbird. This can have dramatic impact on the way SEO is approached.

This update shall be referred to as being the greatest modification ever made to Google’s search engine from the year 2010. During that time, its search algorithm had been upgraded to what is called Caffeine. The roll out of Hummingbird took place nearly a month before and the announcement of the news took place in a house in press event where Google had been founded and started. It is the fifteenth anniversary of Google’s founding.

However, the changes would not be noticeable right at the moment. The results for the search would look similar. However, these are changes have been designed in order to make Google more efficiently handle complex and difficult search queries. Voice search is being used more by people. This indicates that the queries are being phrased by them not as selected phrases and keywords which all the traditional SEOs optimize for, but as detailed actual questions. Google thus process more information, requiring new and more mathematical formulas for keeping on track. Continue Reading →