New SEO related questions dealt by Mat Cutts

In his last webmaster video Matt Cutts discussed some questions related to Penalty Link Examples, SEO and Webmaster Tools.

It is quite important to fully understand the strategy of links when dealing with a website. To put it simply, one should be fully aware of the sites that are forming a link with them. Higher PageRank matters a lot in this case and one should see that they are teaming up with quality websites if they are planning for a successful SEO. Webmaster Tools, in this case, won’t be commenting about the incoming links but it’ll get reflected in the site’s ranking. But the software will be showing a notice if an action is taken by the Webspam team. It will be giving examples of the penalised links. However this won’t be happening always, putting the site managers in dire straits.

The example links are not always comprehensive as a particular website might contain numerous offensive links. The ones listed help in putting everything on track and to recognise the trouble-making links. Cuts added that it is next to impossible to notify every offensive link as the number is huge.

There are plans to include a lot more details from here on in the messages and to include 2 or 3 example links that could be followed as references.

The SEO implementation process is definitely tricky and could be hard task when dealing with inbound links. A number of sites get punished for reasons unknown to them. Thus, Webmaster Tools need to be used if one is planning to maintain a successful SEO.