Content Freshness and Concealed Content in SEO

Search Engine Optimization for dental officeThe discussion today would be on a subject that concerns itself with website optimization and web-spam, focusing on what the expert on SEO as well as Google engineer, Mat Cutts, has to say on this.

The first part of the discussion would be regarding the safety of concealed content, which the visitor can see only when it is clicked. Regarding this, Cutts says that these kinds of contents can be seen to appear most often on the web. He cites the example of the store sites where in way of buying the products, the visitors are often required to click on buttons that show that specifications as drop down. This is done in order to maintain the tidiness of website. So these are not harmful as long as they are designed for the sole use of the visitor. In fact they are quite safe to be clicked.

However, if there occurs a very tiny button, which is hardly visible to a visitor and has many pages in it, is held illegal by Google. These sites are consequently sent down in the rankings on search results.

The next part of the discussion concerns the importance of fresh content for SEO. If, for instance, a person searches “earthquake” as a term on the search engine, he is presented with a number of results showing the mention of any current happening of such an event. Hence, such sites as will have the freshest of information will have higher ranks on the search result. However, if the term is a more generalized one and is evergreen, freshness shall not be counted while presenting the search results.