SEO in coming months from Google’s perspective

mattcutts-with-USA_TodayIt is time again to analyse one of the videos of Mr. Matt Cutts and extract useful information from it by dividing it into smaller, itemised sections. One of the users asked Matt Cutts, the leading engineer at Google, where SEO could be in coming months from Google’s perspective?

One of the key things that he suggested people was development of a really impressive website, which should have comprehensive and relevant content that is shared with known people. However, he cautioned users as far as plans of Google are concerned and mentioned that strategies may change anytime due to any reason. Still, he informed that his company has completed the work on Penguin 2.0 as well as briefed about certain features of it. According to him, the updated Penguin is going impact 2.3% of usual search queries generated in the US. This algorithm has been updated for the second time and Google encourages people to report any spam under this algorithm as Google always aims to improve.

Checking advertorials that violate quality guidelines of Google is another thing that his team is doing. Simply stated, payment for reviews should not flow PageRank. Engineers are also working to discover new ways for link analysis. Although it is in its earliest stage of development, it looks promising to Mr. Cutts.

Google is also looking to identify new means to inform webmasters about hacking and websites dispense malware. Thus, webmasters would have a resource that can be accessed by them for information on what needs to be corrected in case of a hacked website. Repairing the damages that hacking caused to the website is crucial for the restoration of all the hard SEO work.

Identification of websites that are considered authorities in their niches is another dimension on which Google engineers are working. In this way, such websites would be identified even if they are not optimised most appropriately. Google is adjusting algorithms for it.

The team is also working to prevent repetition of search results from one domain once clustered results have been displayed from that particular domain. It would broaden the portfolio of pages that rank for certain keywords on Google.

At last, Google also intends to provide more information, such example URLs, to webmasters so that they can analyse their own websites. The last point is also an indication that Cutts’ company is charged up for quite a number changes and updates in the coming months. The release of Penguin 2.0 on 22nd May would reveal what it has for SEO.