SEO vs PPC (Google Ads): Which Is Better?

For some businesses, a mix of organic and paid campaigns are the most suited optionsCapturing qualified leads is the primary goal of every website and the most preferred way to achieve this is by increasing your brand awareness. Ranking on search engines isn’t easy and you face several challenges while promoting or marketing your services. So, is it better to use Google Ads or put more effort to improve the organic SEO of your website? Answering the question isn’t easy as you have to be careful before choosing either of the two options. Most businesses aren’t sure if an organic SEO strategy is better than the paid search strategy or if they should be using both.

As businesses are different and operate in a unique space, there is no right or wrong answer. But business objectives, budgets, and time constraints play an important role to decide the option you should go with.

Organic SEO

Organic rankings are more trusted compared to the ones advertised. Google has been around for years and users can differentiate between advertised listings and organic ones. Additionally, most users are aware that businesses appearing at the top of Google Ads have deep pockets. It is estimated that high organic rankings attract 50% more clicks compared to Google Ads listing.

However, there is a misconception among businesses that believe higher organic rankings increase trust and is equal to the amount paid to get the site on top. But it is not that simple and far more complex. Organic SEO requires considerable effort, focus, and patience but once you establish the website, it yields amazing long-term results that help in growing your business on merit and trust instead of shelling out dollars.

Google Ads

Although there are numerous paid online advertising platforms, Google Ads is among the biggest and well-known players. It helps in elevating your listing to the top of the page. But for that, you need to pay a price and if it isn’t managed well, you won’t get the anticipated returns. Google Ads charges on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis, meaning you are charged the moment someone clicks on your ad.

The most popular search terms are expensive compared to the less popular ones. The rate charged is dependent on the market and the position you wish to be ranked at. Before you start a paid marketing campaign, you need to understand what your customer is searching for. Initially, it’s better to opt for longtail search terms instead of popular expensive search terms. They are cheaper and less competitive which at times turns out to be a potential goldmine for new inquiries.

The most important benefit of PPC is that it allows you to control the terms your website is listed for. It becomes more helpful when you try to determine the keyword term that yields you the best results. You can use Google Ads management tools to look for keywords that can convert into site visitors.

Concluding Remarks

Both Organic SEO and Google Ads have their advantages and disadvantages and there is no right or wrong answer. Depending on your business, budget, and competition, you need to go with the perfect option. For some businesses, a mix of organic and paid campaigns are the most suited options.

Speaking about organic ranking, it gives authority to your business and builds trust among your customers. On the other hand, paid ads offer an immediate top-ranking placement with better visibility. You may choose to take the services of a digital agency or manage the digital marketing yourself, but make sure you are doing in-depth research. You need to check what your competitors are doing to rank better. What keywords are they targeting and how are they beating others? Analyzing is crucial as most businesses attempt to do digital marketing themselves without fully understanding its core concepts.

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