Why Local SEO is Important for a Dental Practice

Why Local SEO is Important for a Dental Practice

Local dental SEO allows your dental clinic to take advantage of raised visibility in your locality. It is necessary because after the visitor has conducted a Google search for local businesses there is a probability of more than 70% of the searchers visiting your business within 5 miles of radius from their current location. It means more traffic for both your physical location and your site. Due to lesser competition for ranking because of these geographic criteria, local dental SEO will display results more quickly than normal SEO. All this makes local dental SEO an ideal strategy for dentists. Here are some tips.


1. Research keywords related to local dental practice and use them to optimize your content

It may sound tough to research keywords for your dental practice, however; it can turn out to be as straightforward as entering keywords in the search bar of Google. Google will display suggestions regarding the related searches and these keywords will begin your research and content strategy. While generating lots of keywords,

  • Identify the keywords you are already ranking for in SERPs.
  • Make an inventory of the keyword ranking of your competitors.
  • Include the keywords used by target patients.
  • Decide on a target and related keywords that are relevant to your practice.
  • Never forget about possible seasonal trends while researching keywords.

2. Build your GMB page

Developing your GMB or Google My Business page listing will place you in the eyes of Google as one of the local businesses. You are likely to show up for both Google Maps and Google Search after you have included your name, address, and phone number also known as NAP info for your listing and verified it. Your dental practice listing will not be completely optimized unless you have filled out all information such as,

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Working hours.
  • Website.
  • Category.
  • Description mentioning your services and specific selling points.

You must appear in the ranking for relevant patients and Google will not show you unless you have included all the info. Ensure that you have added the local keywords in this as well. An optimized GMB profile also increases the possibility of your dental practice being ranked as a part of the local SEO 3 pack of Google. It shows the top 3 ranked businesses for your local search.

3. Optimize your site for user experience

Google considers user experience to be one of the important ranking factors therefore ensuring a high-quality UX is significant for any dental SEO strategy. You can begin improving your user experience by developing content pages with relevant and frequently asked queries from Google. You need to create a lot of content as well. Get into social media and blogging. This will ensure your presence within your community and raise your credibility and visibility.

  • Have a separate page for every dental service.
  • Include local content and a location page.
  • Have a title tag, unique URL, and Meta description for all your pages.
  • Have a mobile-friendly site.
  • Target local keywords.
  • Avoid all duplicate content.
  • Streamline navigation of your website.
  • Include interesting images and videos on your web pages.
  • Improve your page loading time.

Several ways can be used for making your dental SEO fruitful and beneficial to you. These strategies can be useful for your overall local dental SEO strategy. You can also get in touch with local SEO experts to discuss your local dentist SEO strategy.