Importance Of NAP Consistency For Dentist SEO

Importance Of NAP Consistency For Dentist SEOBrand consistency plays a crucial role when it comes to trusting or recognizing a brand. You may be promoting your website online or on TV, but consistency is important. NAP consistency should remain the focus when a business is promoting itself online. Local SEO along with E-A-T is considerably affected by NAP consistency. Let’s look at what they mean and why consistency is so important for your marketing efforts.

Meaning of SEO. E-A-T and NAP

SEO broadly involves optimizing a website in a manner that improves its search engine visibility and ranks a website higher. For instance, a dentist in Tampa Bay, Fl would always want to rank higher for terms like “dentist in Tampa Bay”. Proper dental SEO strategies and optimization help you rank for such terms on search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Similarly, E-A-T means expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Trust plays an important role and you would always want to become a trusted authority in your industry. Doing so not only helps in gaining more customers but also ranks better on search engines.

NAP consistency is important for improving Local SEO and online business listing is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. They also serve as backlinks to your website and help in building authority with search engines. As we know backlinks are links from another website to your website it essentially means you are being endorsed. Such endorsements are picked by search engines and all those endorsements must provide consistent information about your business.

Why is NAP Consistency for Dentist SEO Important?

The three big portals for business listings are Yelp for Business, Bing Places, and Google Places. Ensure each listing is identical and match every listing including your social media profiles. Additionally, the listings need to align with NAP information featured on your website.

This is important because relevant information which customers usually look for when they are contacting a local business and search engines prefer featuring the most relevant information. Having inconsistent NAP on the internet reduces the trust factor of your business online. It would further make it difficult for your business to appear on search results for focused queries. The entire scenario coincides with the E-A-T of your business.

Is NAP Important For E-A-T?

NAP inconsistency can adversely impact your local SEO as it reduces the confidence of search engines about the information that you provide. This happens as search engines do not trust you due to inconsistent information. There are dental clinics that have your money or your life websites. It means that their website might affect a person’s health, professional, or even financial decisions. These websites are held to the highest standards by Google and other search engines.

Accurate NAP information published is a vital part of this standard. Another significant factor is displaying E-A-T to your targeted client or customer. Potential customers or clients are largely influenced due to inconsistent NAP information. If you think of a customer, you would surely feel frustrated if you call a business and learn that they have provided an out-of-service number or a wrong number. It could be more frustrating if you end up driving to a business that is closed despite their online listing saying they are open. The negative experience with any business might make the prospective customer call or drive to a competitor.

Factors Important To Ensure Consistent Information With Business’s NAP

You don’t have to be using the exact information of your business as registered on your business license. However, whatever you use has to be the same everywhere. Answer some important questions to ensure you are giving consistent information about your business. Some of them are:

  • Do you have a limited liability company and wish to include LLC with your business name?
  • Do you use “and” or “ampersand” in your business name? Which of those you would be using while branding? Ensure you aren’t mixing them up.
  • Is there a comma in your business name? You may opt to keep them or leave them out but make sure it’s the same everywhere.

Concluding Remarks

Other things worth considering would be how you wish to list your business address. For example, if includes a suite number, it’s better to spell out the abbreviations instead of using “STE”. Additionally, ensure you are using your specific suite number and updating the same at every place.

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