Local Dentist SEO For Improving Search Rankings

Local Dentist SEO For Improving Search RankingsAll dentists must be aware of the fact they are a part of a fast-paced and competitive market. As a result, there may not be time available to them to build an SEO strategy carefully, as many things will be needing your attention. However, there is a possibility that you are struggling to get sufficient patients for your dentistry. Local SEO strategies will help you get more patients to your facility. Almost all the consumers these days use search engines for finding out local businesses.

Significance of local SEO for dentists

The local SEO means that your practice can take advantage of the raised visibility in the area. It is necessary because after searching for the business online, 72% of the clients choose to visit a store within 5 miles of their location. It means more traffic for your business and also for the site. As there is lesser competition for rankings specific to the geographic criteria you can rest assured that the local SEO results will be displayed faster than the normal SEO thereby making it an ideal SEO strategy for dentists.

Local SEO tips for dentists

The important thing to learn is how the local SEO works for dentists. Here are some tips for dentist SEO to get you off on the right foot.

1. Find out the local dental keywords and optimize the content suitably: Although keyword research for the dental practice might sound scary it is as simple as entering keywords in the search bar of Google. Google will automatically reply with suggestions for the concerned searches and these keywords can thus kick off the keyword research and content strategies.

2. Develop a Google My Business page: When you have a Google My Business page it places you on the radar of Google as a local business. You can appear on the SERP and Google Maps after you have included the business name, phone number, and address also popularly known as NAP in the listings and verified it. This listing will not be optimized unless you have included all the necessary information. Your business must look relevant to the customers and Google will not display your business unless you have provided all the necessary information.

3. Optimize the site for user experience: Remember, Google takes UX (user experience) quite seriously when it is ranking pages. Therefore providing a proper UX is mandatory for all SEO strategies. You can begin the process by developing relevant content pages and FAQs etc. Answering the commonly asked questions from patients increases your relevance and usefulness to the searchers. Also, get into blogging and using social media. This will improve your presence in the community and raise your credibility.

4. Keep track of your progress: Another crucial part of any local SEO strategy is going on even after you have hit number 1 on the SERPs. Although the local SEO is less competitive than the standard SEO, it takes time for the results to show. Due to this reason, it is important to track the impact with factors such as traffic, ranking, conversions, etc. of the local SEO strategy. There are ROI tracking tools available with some platforms that provide detailed visitor information and let you know how the local SEO strategy for the dentist is performing.

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