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How to Pick a Domain Name for Your Dental Website

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Covering the importance of the website domain name mentioned in basics of Dental SEO.

Picking a domain name for your dental website is an important component of building your brand on the web. After all, this is the address by which people will come to know your company. Obviously, the domain name needs to be relevant, short enough to remember, and search engine friendly. So how on earth can you incorporate all of these factors into one dental website address?

Include Keywords

While some of your traffic will come from people manually typing in your website address. Others will find it through search engines, making your dental SEO extremely important. Your content will need to be keyword-rich, of course, but you’ll also need to include a keyword in the domain name itself. Do research to see what people in the dental industry look for on the web. Perhaps it is the word “dental” + a “city name”? Maybe the word “dentist” or “dentistry” or “dental practice” garners more attention in your area?

Usually, any combination of these words will work well for optimizing your domain name.

Briefer is Better

Though you may be tempted to throw in every keyword possible into your domain name to maximize your dental SEO, resist! You’re much better off picking a single keyword phrase for your domain name than cramming in numerous words. At the end of the day, your domain name must be memorable for those people that type in your website address manually. It also needs to look good and not too cluttered on your business cards and other promotional materials. As important as search engine traffic is, you need to make sure your site is friendly to real people that will actually be reading your content.

Keep It Simple, Keep it Relevant

Don’t throw in a keyword phrase into your domain name just because it’s good for your dental SEO. It also needs to be relevant. There’s no point in making your domain name, “City Name” + “dental supplies” if you don’t actually sell supplies! But so long as the optimization in your domain name is relevant to your industry, go with it.

Opt for an Aged Domain for Dental SEO

If possible, purchase an aged domain name for your website. In dental SEO, this can help to boost your rankings because there will be records in search engines of this domain name existing before. Likewise, any old backlinks pointing to your site could help to boost your search engine rankings even before you officially launch your site.

Affordable SEO for dentists is offered at affordable price

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We have been working with Affordable SEO Company on developing a special local SEO optimization program for dentists across the US. This program will not require the annual commitment and will include the following options:

– Website based on the Word Press or HTML technology

– Blog module

– Up to 6 website pages including the email enabled contact us form

– On-site and off-site SEO optimization

– Submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN local places

– Setting up Google Analytics account

– Monthly SEO progress reports

– Setting up Google AdWords account and managing it

– Blog article posting

– Press release posting

– Social networking accounts setup

– Social bookmarking

Some of the options will be optional but most of the main SEO related tasks will be included in the low price monthly maintenance fee.  Price has not be disclosed but we think it may vary between $200 and $500 a month.

Please note, that SEO optimization process requires time and in many cases takes longer than 6 month commitment. In many cases it may take even longer to achieve high ranking for a younger website on a high competition local market.

Feel free to contact Tampa SEO company  at 727-938-8891

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