How To Effectively Maximize Your Dentist Marketing Plan

some ideas on how you can effectively maximize your dental practice this year

Every year you should be updating your dentist marketing plan. After all, you must have changed something in the past 12 months. Here are some ideas on how you can effectively maximize your dental practice this year.

First off, when looking at your dentist’s marketing plan, do not be ready to pick the first one that you find. You need to find a strategy that works for your dental practice. And by now, you know that dental SEO is different than other practices. Therefore, you need something that will fit your needs.

When looking into dentist marketing, understand that there are three types of marketing. They will all provide you with a different return on investment, have a different cost, and offer a different conversion rate.

Advertising will generally be the costliest. However, it does not take as much time as the other kinds, and you will see the results the fastest. But you most likely will not see the conversion rates you desire too, and your return on investment may not be that great. Therefore, you must have a budget for your online dentist marketing plan.

Digital marketing will be cheaper than advertising and offer a much higher conversion rate. You will also see a greater return on investment. To see this, you must test your strategy with A/B testing so you can increase your customers.

Marketing with meaning is the third kind of marketing. Here, many will use word of mouth, such as referrals, to gain maximum exposure and higher conversion rates. The referrals will be both online and offline, and will, based on how much your dental practices reach out to others and how much they are educating them. Understanding that 9 out of 10 individuals will take their friend’s advice when it comes to marketing is crucial. Seven out of ten people will look at consumer reports to form an opinion, while only 25% of folks feel that ads for businesses are truthful. And if people on social media platforms are looking for referrals, they are 71% likely to believe what they read.

Let’s take a look at your new patients. Did you have a large number of new patients last year? If you are looking to find the worth in these individuals, there is a simple formula to take into consideration: 100,000 NPP (new patient production) /100 NP (new patients) = $1,000 per patient. Once you find this number, consider who your best patients are. Who has been with you the longest? Is there anyone that brings you, new patients on a regular basis? Be sure to have incentives for people that are referring new people to your office.

A budget should also be set in place for your dental practice marketing plan. Are you able to devote a lot of time to SEO? Or can a staff member assist you? If you are not able to handle the full load, you may look into hiring an SEO company. Make plans to diversify where you will be spending your money.

You will also want to have everyone be a part of your marketing team. This allows everyone to be proactive from their very first day. Let staff know that you want the best possible experience for all patients. This will build up trust and provide a good patient/staff relationship.

If you are looking for assistance with your dentist marketing strategy, contact Affordable Dental SEO in Clearwater, FL, today. They can provide valuable guidance to craft a strategy tailored to your financial capacity, designed to elevate your dental practice’s visibility and prominence in the market.