Dental Marketing Ideas For Growing Your Dental Practice

Dental Marketing Ideas For Growing Your Dental Practice

Most people hate going to dentists. It is one of the least favorite things they do much in the line of going to a hospital or consuming daily vegetables. Also, many people are moving around quite a bit and they are looking to find reliable new dentists for their sudden tooth problems. If you talk to your friends about finding a dentist you may hear all kinds of horror stories, being overcharged for services they did not render, or getting fake cavities filled. Everybody will agree that getting a good dentist is difficult. From the dentist’s perspective bringing in customers is difficult due to these reasons. Here are some dental SEO and other marketing ideas to make things simpler.


1. Facebook ads for local awareness

Although you are looking to get the word out about your dentistry you need to be particular about the target audience. More obviously you should not waste time on displaying ads and performing local dental SEO away from a 50-mile radius of your practice. You can use local awareness ads for this purpose. It is possible to use new map cards for sharing local relevant details about your dental practice such as working hours, distance from your business, address, and a “get directions” link. The CTA you use in this ad can be a call button that is a simple prompt for making an appointment.

2. Click to call advertisements

A more significant goal for advertising or dental marketing is that prospective patients book an appointment with the dentist. This is normally done by picking up your phone and calling this dentist’s office. Google Ads and Facebook have made click-to-call ads available from desktops, tablets, and mobiles. This specific extension may be added to your existing ad or you may consider having a call-only campaign.

3. Demographic targeting from Facebook

There is a massive amount of demographic targeting available via Facebook. This can be used to your advantage for dental SEO as well. Apart from the obvious advantages, you may target prospective clients by using employment status, relationship status, languages, and other interests. Research has indicated that women end up making most of the decisions regarding dental appointments. You can ensure that you are ahead of the crowd by targeting advertisements for women that live in your area and have recently bought kid’s clothing.

4. Remarketing ads

Many times remarketing is referred to as easy money. It aids you in reaching people that visited your site, or dental practice by dishing out ads intended to recapture these potential clients. If you are collecting email addresses at your dental practice it is possible to leverage them via the Customer Match feature of Facebook and Google Ads. You can upload these available email ids for creating a remarketing audience base. Then you may create ads that can entice these repeat patients to visit your dental practice again. You might consider sending a reminder for whitening or cleaning.

You will find that apart from these smart marketing ideas you are going to perform reliable and strategic dental SEO to bring in good clients and bringing in a lot of them means a lot of work. These are some of the marketing ideas that will make this task simpler for you and make it simpler for potential customers to locate your practice.