Social Media Marketing In Dental Practices

Social media marketing in dental practices is very important. More and more offices are designating a specific person to be in charge of the social media aspects of the business. In order to have successful campaigns, there are a few things that this designated person should know.

One of the most important responsibilities of social media marketing is answering messages. Social media messages are easy and quick for a prospective client to send if they are looking for information about the practice. Even if you have an email address where questions and concerns can be addressed, it is still important to have your dental marketing member answer social media messages in a timely manner. Most prospective clients will opt for social media messaging as they expect a faster answer. And it is best if you do answer in a quick manner.

Sometimes these messages are displayed on the dental practice’s social media page where everyone can see them. These should also be answered as quickly as possible as it says that you value the customer and care about their concerns. Be sure to check for messages several times per day. If your designated person has trouble remembering, set an alarm to remind them.

Your social media page should be updated on a frequent basis. If it is not, your clients or prospective clients will stop visiting the page. There are many ideas that you can use to update the page. Consider any one of the following:

  • Bios about the dental staff or pictures of them on their birthdays or anniversary with the practice
  • Infographics about dental cleanings and procedures
  • Articles about dental health
  • Events in the community that your practice will be taking part in
  • Videos of the practice
  • Patient of the week.

Map out a dental marketing strategy for these posts so everyone will know when each one will go live. It does matter when you post these as well. If you have a Twitter page, plan to post around 3 in the afternoon. Instagram posts should be scheduled Monday through Friday around the lunch hour while Facebook posts are good to post Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from noon to 3 pm. On the weekends, Facebook posts do well between noon and 1 pm.

By now, you know you need to designate someone to be a social media person. However, it can not be just anyone. Be certain to pick someone who can post without making any grammar mistakes and has a knack for responding to comments in the best manner. Every comment made must be tactful, as they will be representing the entire dental practice. This person should also be able to monitor the page during the day to ensure all inquiries are responded to.
It is also a good idea to ask your patients to tag you in posts or check-in on social media when they have an appointment. Perhaps you could have an incentive where names are placed in a drawing each month for a goodie basket or free tickets to the latest movie. This is a great way to promote your business with little effort on your part.

When looking for ways to use social media marketing in your dental practice, be sure to include the following tips listed above for optimal results. If you find that you or your practice’s employees are just too busy to do dental marketing, consider contacting a professional company, such as Affordable Dental SEO Company. This company will be able to provide you with the best strategies and marketing plan for your dental practice.