Connecting to social media is crucial for the success of your dental SEO promotion plan

Considering the contemporary significance of the automated social media with regards to popularizing an e-commerce site it does not need to be emphasized that your dental SEO promotional strategy should incorporate social media platforms. Of course, social media cannot be the be-all and end-all of a typical web-based dental canvassing plan as there are other […] Continue reading

Google Search Advertising Revenue Grew in Third Quarter Showing Importance of Web Advertising

The new data coming off Google Investor Relations site shows that Google’s revenue in three quarters of 2011 has reached the record high of 27,321B which is just $2B shy of Google’s 2010 revenue of $29,321B. It’s easy to predict that Google’s 2011 revenue might be reaching a record high of  $38B. As we all know the most of the Google’s revenue comes […] Continue reading

A Few Things You Might Need to Know About Dental SEO

Most likely your dental practice needs to be well optimized for the local SEO as oppose to country wide or state wide SEO optimization. The challenges associated with the dentist SEO are mostly related to the fact that there are many dentists in any even small town and obviously all dentists in that area would […] Continue reading

Knowing about AdWords Quality Score may be very useful

The Google AdWords keyword’s Quality Score is very important and this is why: Cost decrease. The better a keyword;s Quality Score the less price you pay per click (CPC). Ad’s eligibility to be dsiplayed. Your ad will have more  chances to be displayed on the first page easily at a lower cost if your keyword’s Quality Score […] Continue reading

Affordable SEO for dentists is offered at affordable price

We have been working with Affordable SEO Company on developing a special local SEO optimization program for dentists across the US. This program will not require the annual commitment and will include the following options: – Website based on the Word Press or HTML technology – Blog module – Up to 6 website pages including […] Continue reading