A Few Things You Might Need to Know About Dental SEO

dental seoMost likely your dental practice needs to be well optimized for the local SEO as oppose to country wide or state wide SEO optimization. The challenges associated with the dentist SEO are mostly related to the fact that there are many dentists in any even small town and obviously all dentists in that area would like their websites be ranked on the first page of the search engines. Unfortunately there are only ten places on the first page of a search engine and in many cases it displays even less local place results. Another words, many dentists compete for positions on a first page  and there is only one First page. The bigger a town or a city, the more dentists are there, the more competitive the SEO optimization process may get.

Take a look at a couple of factors which define the specifics of the dental SEO:

1. Dentist SEO is very competitive. Usually the Google AdWords CPC (Cost Per Click) defines the level of the organic dental SEO competition. The dentist related keywords CPC is in the range of $5 and $8 (I just checked on a few dentist related keywords for Tampa FL area).

2. Google local place is a must to have for your dentist practice. In order to get a local place let say in Tampa you may need to have a physical address in Tampa and not in other town. This will help your Google local place to be much better locally optimized for the town your office is physically located in as opposed to the other even neighboring town.

3. Higher competition level in larger cities. Most of the dental practices in larger cities or towns and especially in the areas with a good dental keyword traffic volume are well SEO optimized and keep on maintaining their positions. This makes it difficult to achieve high SEO ranking placement without a significant level of effort.

Dental SEO

A couple of really quick recommendations which may save you time and money:

A. Very important to analyse and research for best search volume keywords in the town or city you would like to be ranked high. That’s better to be done before you start the SEO optimization.

B. I don’t think you as a dentist really want to learn basics of SEO and that’s why you need to find a good SEO specialist preferably locally. My strong recommendation is hire a company that  (1) can show a proven track of records of the successful SEO  optimization projects for competitive dental keywords locally or globally on US market; (2) preferably a local company which is not outsourcing the whole SEO process oversees or to another bigger company. The more people are involved in managing your dentist SEO project, the more possibilities you may get for things to go the wrong way; (3) the best solution is to find a small SEO company where you speak and discuss your SEO goals and concerns  directly with the person who would either technically manage or conduct the SEO optimization for you dental practice; (4) the SEO price would vary based on a number of keywords, the geographical location, the level of current SEO optimization of your website and the age of the website.

C. Be patient. The organic SEO may take time, and the more competitive your keywords are, the longer it may take. Be prepared to wait for at least a couple of month before you would sea good results. If you trust your SEO specialist then let him/her do the job. However, make sure at least monthly reporting is provided.

D. While you are waiting on the organic SEO to kick in, there is a few other options you can explore which may help you to increase incoming traffic to your site. This would be (1) creating social media accounts and (2) social media marketing; (3)web marketing via PPC programs such Google AdWords or Facebook advertising.

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