Google Search Advertising Revenue Grew in Third Quarter Showing Importance of Web Advertising

 Googles Third Quarter Earnings Show Search Advertising Is On The Rise
Picture credit: Google

The new data coming off Google Investor Relations site shows that Google’s revenue in three quarters of 2011 has reached the record high of 27,321B which is just $2B shy of Google’s 2010 revenue of $29,321B. It’s easy to predict that Google’s 2011 revenue might be reaching a record high of  $38B.

As we all know the most of the Google’s revenue comes from the Search Engine Advertising including Google’s famous AdWords marketing.  As we all know the most of the Google’s revenue comes from the Search Engine Advertising including Google’s famous AdWords marketing. The fact that in a such bad economy shape Google is still able to significantly increase its revenue this year, that definitely shows Google Adwords and SEO optimization are the way to go if you want your business to stay afloat during the next couple of years of market recovery.

If you are not sold on using Google AdWords for your Dental practice check on your local competition which has probably already adapted Google advertising a while ago. The matter of fact is that the main reason your dental practices is not booked 2-3 weeks in advance is because your dental website either is not organically ranked high or you are not utilizing Google AdWords marketing.

Don’t wait any longer as time is running out. It’s no-brainer, if Google AdWords did not work then Google would not continue making billions of dollars quarter after quarter.

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