SEO Success In 2021 By Using EAT

Tips to improve EATIf you are looking to raise your ranking in the SERPs and experience the subsequent ramping up of revenue in 2021, you need to have the Google EAT high on your radar. EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Although the concept of rating their sites is not a new thing for the higher-level SEO experts. This concept was initially laid out in the Search Quality Guidelines published by Google in 2014. For establishing the EAT guidelines, Google has got hundreds of people reviewing different pages and reporting their analysis to Google. Let’s check out what these terms mean.

Expertise: Expertise means the expert outlook and the context of the content. It will consider the expertise of the content and not the overall content of the site. Although Google is unclear about the various criteria, the use of expert authors and expert opinions in the content is going to be beneficial for achieving higher scores.

Authoritativeness: Authoritativeness concentrates on the authority of your site content and the strength of your domain. These rankings are developed from external signals such as brand mentions over the social media channels and forums, and qualitative links from relevant sites.

Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness is similar to the first element that is expertise. However, it emphasizes the trustworthiness of the content in conjunction with the trustworthiness of your domain. For instance, in case you had unreliable and poor content on your sales website but then landed a good post from an authoritative writer, this article will appeal to the expert element regarding EAT however it will not support the trustworthiness.

Tips to improve EAT

The establishment of a strong EAT for your site is not possible just by having a fast technical platform, the use of targeted keywords, and having a few links from popular websites. You are also required to follow guidelines for every page and develop the strongest possible content for feeding the EAT demands of Google. Here are some highlights.

  • Does it contain original info?
  • If the content is pulled from other sources, does it have originality and added value instead of plain re-writing and copying?
  • Do the headline and titles of the webpage steer away from shock and exaggeration?
  • Is the content written by experts or just enthusiasts that are well-versed with the topic?
  • Is the article free from factual errors?

Here are some ways of strengthening the EAT of your website.

Get expert writers to write the content

Ensure that all the content is written by experts or attribute experts working in the industry. In case a Google visitor is visiting a page and the articles are credited to someone not available on Google, you will not be able to trust this content. These things need to be clear beforehand. For instance, while developing content about real estate, keep in mind that the searchers will certainly look for expertise. Success stories and tips from the real estate gurus are going to provide the basis for this content.

Get the well-established and successful people to become a voice for the content. It doesn’t matter if some of this work has to be ghost-written. Try to get the experts from your niche and ask them to work on some guest posts. It will provide additional exposure to the expert and more EAT for your site.

Relevant and strong signals from internet channels

It means the links pointing to your site and mentions of brands on social media and other blogs. Many times, the brand mentions are not linked however, they are useful for driving authority and they are recognized by the bots. Brand mentions, links, and how everybody is discussing you are relevant to the EAT score. When you are doing SEO marketing and the blog post is published on a real estate site, this signal is irrelevant. Develop relationships with sites and authors that will mention you.


Google has placed a lot of effort into explaining EAT and outlining their expectations for strengthening these guidelines. Several online businesses are ignorant about these guidelines but if you are looking to become a leader in your sector, take a close look at the content and links from other channels. If you need to talk to a pro for your business in Tampa Bay, FL area, get in touch with Affordable Dental SEO for expert advice.