Local Dental SEO Ranking Basics

local dental SEO and ranking basicsSEO has always been important, but over the past few years, we can not lose sight of local SEO. So many of us are on the go, searching on mobile devices. Most individuals will utilize “near me” or “close by” in their searches to locate businesses close to them. Every year, trillions of searches are placed for pharmacies, vet care, emergency rooms, and other medical clinics. Therefore, you can see why it makes sense to hone in on local search engine optimization. Today we will focus on local dental SEO and ranking basics.

If you’re the owner of a dentist’s office, you must realize local dental SEO is an aspect you must utilize to stay ahead of the competition. You’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that Google will reward local outcomes. But are you aware of how to do local dental SEO?

Search engines are no longer about paying for ads. Sure, one may still pay your way up the scale, but it is far more important to have a website that can rank well by doing SEO.

Google desires for you to stay on their pages when one does a search. This is why whenever one enters a query, a bevy of searches pop up. Regardless, if they are paid ads or not, Google continues to serve you the best it can. They want you to stay on their pages, so they earn money and collect important data for them.

A large majority of people will look to Google to view company information at different points. This is why it is crucial to possess a great appearance on Google’s homepage, just as you would if you owned that page. But to do this, you need to take the time to do local SEO. It will take time and energy, but you can come out ahead of all of your competition.

Local SEO ranking signals will never be the same. They change as often as Google pleases, which can make it extremely hard to not only get a high-ranking spot but to maintain it as well. If you know and understand Google’s three ranking elements, you can optimize online for each one of these.

Proximity is an element when it comes to local dental SEO because individuals are going just that…creating queries that have local intent. It is in your best interest to use consistency with this when making citations. Citations are places where your company’s information can be found, such as various directories. The most popular one that you should take full advantage of is Google My Business. Be positive that you are consistent in any directory where you place this information, being sure that your name, address, and phone number (NAP), as well as your site URL, are all the same. When posting these, you might utilize one of two formats:

Business Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
(Telephone Number)


Business Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, (Telephone Number)
If you happen to find your NAP that is not how it is supposed to be written, get in touch with the publisher of the directory to have it changed.

The second element that comes into play for local dental SEO, as well as other businesses, is prominence. Through this element, you will be seen by your reviews and ratings. Other considerations include visitor engagement, inbound links, social signs, and your website authority.

A business will not be able to fully control its reviews or ratings. They can however ask a customer to leave a review if they wish.

Relevance is the third factor that comes into play when dealing with local SEO. Whatever a user’s intent is, Google has the main goal of providing them with the information they need. By optimizing local keywords, a business can be certain they are relevant to a user’s query.

It can be a challenge to make a website that is fully optimized. However, with the assistance of a local dental SEO service, such as Affordable Dental SEO in Clearwater, FL, you can rest assured that your website will follow all ranking elements to be prosperous.