How To Effectively Use Video Marketing For Dental SEO

How To Effectively Use Video Marketing For Dental SEOIntegrating proper SEO strategies in web design and content marketing strategy is crucial for every business. Similarly, video marketing is another great medium that lets you stay ahead of your competitors. While making videos to promote your business, it’s important to keep the viewer engaged.

For example, when it comes to dental marketing, your videos could educate viewers about different treatments or different complications and how to deal with them. Such informative videos will not only educate your viewers but also increase your reputation as a reliable service provider.

How To Make Best Use of Video Marketing?
You can choose from several tools that let you optimize your videos for search. They also come with great in-depth articles on Video SEO Tips offering knowledge to the users. WordStream or Ahrefs have video tutorials that can help you make the best use of video marketing.

Below we have discussed some essential steps that let you optimize your videos for searches. It could be anything from the search on a video platform, video search results, or universal search results.

Integrate Keywords In The Title of Your Videos
After creating a video and before uploading it on different video streaming platforms, ensure you are creating an effective title that is integrated with relevant keywords. However, make sure your title is interesting and includes the best-targeted keywords.

For example, “Dental Care and Treatments” is an optimized title but might not encourage a viewer to click on it. Hence, optimizing your title for both interest and clickability is important. So an interesting title can be “Affordable yet Highly Effective Dental Care and Treatments.”

Include Keywords Naturally in Video Description
Although a basic need, we tend to overlook or misuse the addition of keywords while writing the video description. Keywords naturally spread across the description enhances the chance of ranking for keywords people usually search of search engines. Most people watching the video might not read the description but search engines consider it to rank your video for matching search queries.

Irrespective of the length of your description, you should ensure that the start includes the most important information related to the video. Lastly, you should always include a link back to your website in the description. Placing it right after the introductory sentence is recommended.

Design an Interesting Thumbnail and Closing Slide
SEO is basically about how popular you are. As per the algorithm, search results getting more clicks or engagement are always ranked higher. Hence, you must design an interesting thumbnail along with the title of your video. Doing so not only lets your video rank higher but also tells your viewers about what the video is about.

In case a person is searching on platforms like YouTube, the thumbnail slide is always larger than the title of your video. Using a random thumbnail might make them scroll past your video as it might not correlate with the video title. Lastly, add a closing slide at the end of your video. It is important as not including a closing slide might mean the video platform layers it with other unrelated videos at the end and your viewers won’t remember who you are and what your brand is offering.

Publish On Your Website
If your website doesn’t have the feature to embed or upload videos to your blogs or video library, consult a web developer and have that feature integrated. It’s important as Google and other search engines are giving more importance and priority to videos in search results.

If your video and web page are optimized properly, the chances of your website ranking better for search results increases substantially.

Share Your Videos Everywhere
We are sure that the above tips have made you more informed and you are gearing up to prepare better and SEO-friendly videos. Once you have done everything mentioned above, the last thing to do is to share it everywhere. Besides posting them to your website, sharing on social media profiles, and uploading them on video streaming portals, include them in your email newsletters and share them with everyone in your company through Teams, Slack, or other messaging platforms you use.

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