Google Zeitgeist 2011 and SEO insights

Using link-bait content is standard SEO practice and a great way to do this is to create articles on the latest hot topics. If you are writing quality content on the latest hot trends then you should naturally get traffic anyway as well as you use on page SEO effectively and if you use Social Media to drive traffic. […] Continue reading

Google Search Advertising Revenue Grew in Third Quarter Showing Importance of Web Advertising

The new data coming off Google Investor Relations site shows that Google’s revenue in three quarters of 2011 has reached the record high of 27,321B which is just $2B shy of Google’s 2010 revenue of $29,321B. It’s easy to predict that Google’s 2011 revenue might be reaching a record high of  $38B. As we all know the most of the Google’s revenue comes […] Continue reading

Google+ Business Page For Dental Practice

Google announced today [11/07/11] via the Official Google blog about availability of Google+ business pages. Don’t wait! Start creating your Google+ business page for your dental office. It will improve your visibility on the web and  will make your Google page searchable. Google+ has always been a place for real-life sharing, and Google+ Pages is no exception. After […] Continue reading

Knowing about AdWords Quality Score may be very useful

The Google AdWords keyword’s Quality Score is very important and this is why: Cost decrease. The better a keyword;s Quality Score the less price you pay per click (CPC). Ad’s eligibility to be dsiplayed. Your ad will have more  chances to be displayed on the first page easily at a lower cost if your keyword’s Quality Score […] Continue reading

AdSense Tips: Customize Colors of the Ads

Why not to use some AdSense ads on your site to leverage on a good traffic that has been already generated to your page or pages? With AdSense assistance you can offset expenses you spend on building your traffic and SEO optimization. Great resource for finding almost all answers on customization of the Google AdSense settings is in […] Continue reading