Dentist SEO: Disavowing links with Bing

It may feel a little gut-wrenching if you paid large amounts of money to buy links that now are ruining your dentist SEO and you desperately want to get rid of them. Google seem to have made it tough to disavow links and a lot of people are unhappy, many are removing links instead but even finding that to get a website to get rid of a link they are having to pay and there are even reports of rivals creating links from black flagged URLs to ruin a competitor’s rankings.

While Google’s process is awkward and many don’t even realize it is possible to request to disavow a link, which may or may not eventually be accepted, Bing have introduced a simple system as part of their Webmaster tools to allow you to disavow a link in seconds.

As a dentist SEO is vital to you as more and more people check out local dentists online, especially when they first move to an area. For many a dentist SEO is something that bewilders them though and so it is either ignored or done by someone else as a once off. If you don’t even know what links are pointing to your site though you should check, by signing up for both Bing’s and Google’s webmaster tools they will tell you of any links causing problems: some you may have added others may have been added without your knowledge but they could be leading to your website being penalized in results.

By disavowing a link you are telling the search engine to ignore it and so the algorithm should stop it being considered; you can choose to disavow any links from entire domains if you want too, which is ideal if you have paid for a link on every page of a site that the search engines have now become aware of and penalized you for.

You may of course have to rebuild your dentist SEO campaign if a large number of your links have had to be disavowed leaving you with few of any value. As a dentist SEO may be something you don’t want to try again if you have had bad experiences but it is important to remember that there are different types of SEO and white hat techniques use methods that search engines like Bing and Google have specifically given their approval to: such as using link bait content and social media to build links organically.

Bing have also updated their SEO analyzer recently, as a dentist SEO can be hard to understand but the analyzer will check your site and give you important areas to work on and show you what you are doing well. Google have similar tools including ‘Fetch as Google’ to show you what Google can see of your site, this will help you make sure that everything on your site is visible to search engines and that they can understand your site too.

While Google is the most important Search engine to please Bing shouldn’t be ignored and with tools such as the disavow link feature Bing can be easier to work with than Google who are also much more discreet about their algorithms as well.