Stay Protected from the Panda Updates

Google Panda updatesSince there has been internet and websites SEO has consistently been evolving. If people have been keeping them updated with the world of SEO they must have heard about Google Panda. It is a timely updates which the search engine giant keeps of releasing every few months. The basic aim of this is to determine the attributes for ranking websites over the search engines. These changes are the way forward to keep the spammers away and penalize the ones which are not as per the accepted norms. Google Panda was launched in the year 2011 and since then it has gone through series of changes at different intervals. The latest update is expected to be around the corner and people would be expecting numerous changes for it. It surely would bring big impact to the ranks of websites.

Webmasters would be aware that these changes bring a difference in the ranks of their website. While these rankings are visible the basis might not be known to all. The only measuring criteria which people have are the assessment of the increase or decrease in traffic. An increase signifies that the SEO methods adopted are as per the accepted norms whereby the decrease in traffic signifies that there are some issues with the strategy adopted. Nevertheless the basic motive of every webmaster should be to keep non spammy contents and avoid any kind of spammy links. These would definitely help them stay on top and not affected by the Panda updates.