Using Google+ and +1s to boost your dental practice

Google Plus and Dental SEOFirst of all lets get clear what Google+ and +1s are, Google+ is a social network similar to Facebook or Linkedin but with its own unique features too. +1s are related to Google+ and a little like Facebook Likes but they also have an affect on how Google search results are shown, rather than just what is shown within Google+ itself.

At first Google+ only allowed Individual accounts, which are useful and should be setup for those customers looking to interact with you directly. You can now setup a business page as well though, which could boost your dental practice further and help with Dentist SEO.

Google+ is a great tool for building relationships with your clients and also reaching out to your clients contacts and other local businesses and individuals.

Google+ is somewhere between Facebook, which is about fun and socializing primarily, and Linkedin, which is a business network primarily. One of the reasons this has developed this way is that Google+ have a feature called circles so you and your clients can divide people off into friends, family and businesses so they don’t have to have you encroach on their social life but can still follow you, and of course comment on the posts you add which means they will be seen by their friends.

Because people can search on Google+ based on topics, and even locations, and can see your posts without you having to approve them to do this Google+ works a little like a search engine and Dentist SEO is something that should never be far from what you are doing.

Google look at how many people read your posts, click through to your site and share and +1 your activity and posts on Google+ so they can help with Dentist SEO and that’s not all.

Google +1s can be added by anyone logged into their Google account while they are on your main website pages, once you have added this functionality, and these +1s benefit your Dentist SEO in main results but also in Google Plus My World results. Google Plus My World is a way of Google displaying results based on what your friends have +1ed and based on your Google+ activity: this means that if a lot of local people have +1ed your Dentist site then many of their friends will see your pages in their Google results too and be shown who has used your services: greatly improving your click through rates from Google results.