A Quick Guide To Dental SEO

Dental SEO GuideIn a world where everything can be found online, it is imperative to have the best SEO. This includes dentist’s offices. If you are unsure how to perform search engine optimization, we have provided a quick guide for dental SEO.

First off, understand that there are four main components to what search engines are looking for when they rank smaller businesses, such as a dental practices. They consider if the website is up to par, where the practice is located, and if it is close to the person who is searching, what services you are providing and if they are significant to the individual searching, and how good your online reputation is.

If your website is not up to par, your dental SEO efforts may go unnoticed. There are various guidelines it must meet, such as a fast loading speed. The site structure should be good, and the visitor should be able to have a good experience when visiting the site.

You will also want to have some sort of branding, which may be a logo or a tagline. This will allow others to remember who you are. Think of Nike and Just Do It or the Nike Swoosh. You hear or see either the tagline or the logo, and you know which brand it is for. You do not need a large budget to create this, either.

Next, you want to let Google know exactly where you are located. This can be done by updating your contact information. No matter what platform you are working on, it is imperative to be certain that you have all the information listed correctly and that it matches up with each other. For example, if the address listed on your dental website is 246 Crawford Street SW, it should not be listed as 246 Crawford St Southwest on another page. It is important for dental SEO to have all addresses listed the exact same, as well as any other information.

To go along with contact information, be sure to have this listed where your visitors will expect it, such as in the footer of your website, as well as the contact page.

Google My Business is an excellent tool to use for dental SEO. With this listing, you are able to better promote your website. Your customers will be able to find your business better and will also be able to interact with you better.

Content is king and always will be. With any site, you need excellent content that is relevant to your website. With dental SEO, it is no different. Write about services that you offer and that your clientele would be interested in. Perhaps that might be what to expect when having a root canal done or how to brush a toddler’s teeth. Remember, content does not need to be just articles. It can be videos as well, so many videos of how to properly floss would be a great idea.

And finally, be sure to share what others are saying about your business. Encourage your current customers to leave reviews on your website, Google My Business, or your social media pages. Many times you just need to ask, and they will. Then take the time to respond back to each review, whether it be positive or negative. Do not be discouraged if there are negative reviews. You simply can not make everyone happy all the time. If you do have a negative review, respond back that you are sorry for the bad experience they have had, and offer to make it right. This not only allows others to see that you want your customers happy but also shows the individual with the bad experience that you care.

If you are in need of dental SEO and are located in the Clearwater, FL area, do not be afraid to reach out to Affordable Dental SEO. We can help get your dental practice on the map, making your practice more successful than it already is.