Those Long Tail Keywords Are Essential To SEO

Those Long Tail Keywords Are Essential To SEOCompeting with other sites for ranking means not only knowing SEO but why SEO is made of. What often is overlooked are the long tail keywords and that is something that should not be.

Most companies just focus on one keyword and get disappointed that when they stuff their websites with these keywords and see miserable results. It takes much more than just a keyword because the top keywords are going to be dominated by the big money corporations and super SEO specialists. These keyword high ground points are worth ten times their weight in gold and trying to dominate them is next to impossible. The only way a newbie can be ahead of the pack is if they’re the source of a special keyword like the name of their own product like a band or trademark name. Other than that, long tail keywords are your best option.
For example, instead of trying to get the top keyword on “dogs”, you would instead look for what is pertinent to your business that that keyword can be attached to like, “ear grooming for dogs”. That’s a long tail keyword and can be more specialized like “ear grooming for toy and teacup dogs in San Francisco”. See how that works? The long tail keyword minimizes others from duplicating it as it’s more specialized with a locale included. This along with the right title tag will get you farther.

This will be advantageous to you in the long run as it will be easier to plan your SEO campaigns with greater precision. It will allow your content marketing to be matched up with your SEO campaigns which is of strategic importance as well.

There’s lots of research to do when you’re doing SEO keyword campaigns. Google offers some free tools and you’ll find a plethora of tutorials online, especially on YouTube. Some websites, like news websites, don’t have to do such research and application because they’re putting out so much content with so much data that they grab those hotspot rankings by default. A business however, has to keep up at it week after week, month after month, year after year.

SEO is not a one shot fits all kind of operation. It takes months to see results and then months more to analyze and optimize those results so that better approaches can be applied. It’s a never ending process, even when you’re at the top of the pile.

This is why you’ll find that a SEO company will tell you from the start that their best shot at getting you to the top is to study on your own and make sure you know the language of SEO and online marketing. Why you should tag photos and vids, use social media to enhance your chances of success.

Those tags are indeed long tail keywords themselves and are an extra bonus to to your boost in rankings. This is because the photos and videos will turn up when people inquire via the search windows.

So don’t underestimate those long tail search keywords in your SEO campaigns, finding the right ones can mean major success all the way.