Take Advantage of Title and Metatags for Dental SEO

One of the key components you have to keep in mind when building a dental industry website, whether you own a practice or sell supplies, is dental SEO. After all, it is search engine optimization that will allow people to find your website when typing inquiries in the major search engines. But there’s more to this process than simply typing in a few keywords here and there. These keywords must be strategically placed, not just within the body text, but in other places on the site as well.

Dental SEO and Title Tags

The title tags on your website should accurately reflect the subject matter of your content. Likewise, you should take the opportunity to include some keyword phrases to maximize your SEO impact. So, for your dental website, a few suggestions might be “dental practice,” “dentist office,” or “local dentist.” Use whatever keywords apply and include one or two in the title tag. But don’t just “stuff” them in there. Instead, include your keywords in a way that makes sense. Make them appear as though they’re simply apart of the title in a natural way. If you run a dental practice in Florida, for instance, a sample title might be, “Florida Dental Practice – City Name Dentists.” You get the idea.

Extend this notion to the header tags. These look like “<h1>” and “<h2>” in HTML. They allow for an easy way to divide up your content into subheadings. These subheadings are viewed more heavily by search engines, so make sure they include relevant keywords so your site is categorized properly.

Using Dental SEO in Metatags

The implementation of SEO doesn’t stop with just the title tag and the body text of your content. You can also include SEO in the metatags. Metatags are hidden in the HTML of your website content and not viewable by your website visitors. However, it’s an ideal place to communicate with the search engines as to what subject matter your website specifically covers.

Even so, you don’t want to overdo it with the keywords in the metatags. Instead, describe what your site is about. The meta title should include keywords and act as a title for the page. The meta description gives you the opportunity to fully describe what your site’s about. Make sure it reads well to the human eye, but include keywords here, too.

Fully using dental SEO requires diligence, but it’s well worth it in the increase of website visitors you can expect.