How Significant is SEO for your Business?

How Significant is SEO for your Business?The advent of the World Wide Web changed the world of commerce irreversibly. The supremacy of the brick-and-mortar shops and outlets that used to rule the roost in the business world was at stake, now that online outfits had arrived. These web-based shops were easy to set up as their establishment was neither capital-intensive nor required engaging too many heads. The only aspect or feature which mattered was that the online platform should have been SEO compatible. For years techno geeks and computer savvy individuals had created a surreal aura around themselves that was almost impregnable riding piggyback on ‘search engine optimization’ which remained a sort of catchphrase n the IT domain for long.

Demystifying SEO

SEO not very long ago seemed to be the top buzzword in the online realm and a sure-shot technique that could give your business a shot in the arm, and keep you head and shoulders above the competition. For a select few, search engine optimization strategy was like a badge of honor to be worn and flaunted proudly but for the rest it was something nebulous. However, these days everybody who’s somebody in business and almost every organization, big or small is harnessing SEO for promotional purposes.

So, what’s all this hype or hoopla about SEO you might wonder? To put it simply, it’s just a stratagem to make your site or portal appear more appealing to the search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Supposing you’re browsing on the web searching for information on say, ‘blueberries’. You type out the word ‘blueberries on the Google Chrome browser and the search engine almost in a flash display the results in pages which are better known as SERPs (search engine result pages).

You never bother going beyond clicking open the first or top three or four results (URL links actually). Now, how does the search engine (Google) figure out or determine which link should be at the top and which ones should follow? Google uses a specific algorithm for according the ranks or position which maybe beyond your grasp but then you can do without comprehending the complex calculation process. Suffice for you to know that the more optimized your site is, the more users or traffic the portal will attract who, if they like what they see, will post a link (of your website) in their blogs or feedbacks.

The Yardsticks or Parameters on Which Rankings are Based

So, the more customers or users logging into your site, the more links your site has. Google accords a rank to your site based on the total number of links stationed on the website. So, link-building is a vital part of the SEO procedure. The other factor which matters the most and therefore should be your prime concern, is the content. Content is king when it comes to hosting a site. If you’re into selling rivets and bolts, your site must have relevant content. Spinning content around the ‘rivets’ and ‘fasteners’, the SEO words will make your website search engine compliable.

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