Getting Your Content Management Game On

Getting Your Content Management Game OnNowadays, great content is most desired by the search engines, but it’s not the only thing that will get you those choice ranking positions. There’s a lot more to it all to get high rankings SEP. You need to incorporate all the fundamentals of sound and logical SEO or your content just sits there waiting for someone to stumble upon it.

Google wants to provide the best content to its audiences but it can’t do that if your site is put together foolishly even if it has the best content in the world. This is something that happens far too often and is due to ignorance and arrogance. Some people add all the bells and whistles one can on a website just to get people’s attention and look like a bigshot site. If those additions don’t follow basic website construction and SEO, then you’ll not get your site’s pages listed and definitely not in the high top percentages.

You’ll need things like solid layout, proper keywords, keyphrases, and keygroups strategically and ethically placed. You’ll need to do the proper back linking and that means no back linking circle jerks, but real back links from authority sites that were earned. There’s also making your site and your content mobile friendly. Mobile is the make or break point of success nowadays for many reasons. You’ll need to employ the tactics o f Local SEO which uses your location as a keyword of importance as well as your location’s top civic events, historical events and the like.

You can go out and get the best videographer in the business who captures your skills at your job just perfectly, but if you don’t strategically market those videos your web presence means nothing. In this case to bolster your position you’ll need social media. Yes, especially Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit and the rest to promote your site and content. When people start sharing and liking and discussing your webpages and content, it will appear to Google and the other search engines that your site is of some value to the public and will list your webpages higher. SEP is the key here because Google doesn’t index websites, but webpages. This is why every page on your website has to be optimized professionally with no chance of losing ground regarding said SEO. Just one error could lead to disaster.

Paying for or creating excellent content is expensive and time consuming. If a webmaster or marketer can’t afford it, they have to make it. Again, it’s not how great your content is, but how skilled your content marketing is.

Yeah, yeah, some content marketing guru swears up and down that their way of doing things is more important than what’s been proven tried and true. They’ll often have some upsell course or something because they fail to see the logic of proper SEO. These kinds of people are just out for your money. You need a professional SEO company to make certain your content management goes the right way. It’s important to get it done early in the game and not have to pay for the errors made down the road.

No one knows how unmerciful Google will be in the coming year or years regarding SEO so you want to get things done the right way from the experts.
Finally, again, you can have all the coolest content available, it may or may not attract attention, but if you don’t have a solid SEO platform and foundation to work from you’ll have to be pretty darn lucky to get indexed and in good rankings.

Image credit: Affordable SEO Tampa