Spam Generated by Users and its Effects on SEO

Optimizing websites have become a common trend these days where webmasters lay lot of emphasis on content created. They are constantly planning on how to achieve good ranks as well as including original content within the website. However, there lies the big problem of spam generated by users which can high impact on SEO initiatives.

Renowned Google engineer, Matt Cutts stated that spam generated by users can arrive in various forms. Spammy profiles and spammy posts can easily attack different forums. Blog comment is another example. Links as well as keywords fill up the comments along with poor quality content. These things can have adverse affects on a website and hurt SEO tactics to huge extent.

But there are ways through which one can prevent a website or forum from such attacks through careful planning and research. Posts, comments and profiles of spammy nature should be deleted from the website. Comment filters within blogs as well as forums help with spammy terms blockage. Inclusion of CAPTCHA within blogs makes it difficult for bots to post spammy contents automatically. It prevents the reappearance of spammy comments and helps the website to maintain better rank on search pages. Moderators are quite frequently used these days which are quite effective in tracking posts or comments which get through to the website despite the security measures being put in place. Although, it seems as an annoying task but webmasters need to do lot of legwork to keep their websites up to date and free from spam attacks.