Some Local search tactics that are rarely used

local search tactics you probably aren't usingPopular search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. are constantly improving their algorithms to filter out the best websites from the millions on the internet. Webmasters must employ new and innovative means to give their sites an edge over others. Local SEO strategies fail to gain success because almost all the web developers implement them. Using new techniques that are unknown to others or rarely put to use is the surest way of gaining higher traffic. Following are some of the rarely used yet effective local search tactics that can help to improve the website’s popularity:

  • Google posts: Websites are encouraged to claim their Google My Business listing to ensure visibility on search results. Not having a Google My Business listing is equivalent to being non-existent online. Even after claiming the listing, the owner must not become complacent and try new ways to get ahead of their competitors. The benefits of this listing remain in the fact that the search engine asks a set of questions about the working of the site on a regular basis. It helps to improve the overall site and its rankings. For example, for Dental SEO, business owners can use Google festive greetings, post ads or promote an upcoming product.
  • Check My Business Category: To improve rankings, business owners can check the category their competitors are listed. They should ensure that their category defines their services and functions. However, if this does not work, website owners should start getting more specific while choosing the category. This can be a trial and error method to choose a category and wait to see the position the article gains. It is a common observation that people tend to have better results by selecting extremely fine-tuned categories for their site. Using too many categories can dilute the site’s specialty.
  • URL: The URL describes the site and the services that it offers. It is important as it leaves an impression about the site itself. URLs should be concise, descriptive and user-friendly to ensure best results. If the site runs on CMS, individuals should try to make the URL SEO friendly by making the necessary adjustments to the settings. To improve the look of the permalinks and archives that people share, developers must create a custom URL structure.
  • Securing the site: Google has started extending ‘not secure’ information to all sites that are denoted as HTTP. It is essential that owners secure their website and integrate https status. All sites visited in the incognito mode are also shown the same, not secure status. Securing with HTTPS gives the user a sense of security about the authenticity of the site. It will also help in increasing the time spent on the site, increasing the click-through rate, etc.
  • Good content: There is no replacement for good content. Hence, website owners should add quality content to their website. The content should be easy to read and must contain the relevant information. Most importantly, examples that people can relate to are very popular with readers. They must also add pictures and videos to make it an exciting read.

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