Improving the Google Ads Quality Score

How to improve Google AdsYour quality score is a system established by Google for evaluating the performance and strength of your ads. This all boils down to how relevant your ads are. You need to analyze your internal metrics by checking conversion rates and click-through rates. If you are not happy with the performance in terms of Google Ads quality score then you can rest assured that you are losing ground to the competitors. The Google Ads quality score is utilized for setting up your CPC amount and your place in the auction process.

What is a good quality score?

The default quality score from Google is 5. This score is scaled from 1 to 10. If your quality score ranks below 5, it indicates the way you are faring with the competitors in your niche. When you are consistently observing bad results having a lower click-through rate, your quality score may drop to as low as 1 on the quality scale. This will inflate the CPC by almost 400% compared to the standard score of 5 on the scale. Sometimes when your ads are crushing it with users continuously clicking on them, the score can rise to as high as 10. This will lower your CPC by almost 50% than the average score.

A good score can be anything over 5. However, it is a relative metric. With a more competitive niche, there is likely to be a higher bar set for this purpose. It will be a lot easier to score a 10 in a specific industry than trying to go up against big marketing titans working in an extremely competitive industry such as e-commerce or tourism.

Tips for improving your Google Ads quality score

Let’s take a close look at the tips for improving the Google Ads quality score to benefit your PPC campaign. Some simple adjustments can make a world of difference.

1. Have perfect landing pages: The landing pages of your website have to be relevant to the ads that are clicked upon by the visitors. When your advertisement is selling a premium pizza subscription and the landing pages are talking about coffee, chocolates, and gift hampers it doesn’t make sense. In such cases, people will click back. You can consider making specific landing pages that are designed to improve conversions of your PPC campaigns.

2. High-quality ad copy: Take a hard and close look at the ad copy. Find out how often the targeted keywords are utilized or appear in the content. This ad copy has to be engaging and relevant to the product and services you are promoting. You may even consider setting up various versions of these ads for specific keywords for improving the opportunities of raising your Google Ads quality score.

3. Proper keyword research: Having a PPC campaign without well-researched keywords is similar to turning up for a date in your pajamas. You will not find the desired output this way. You may utilize keyword research tools, niche search terms, find out the long-tail keywords, and opt for the negative keywords as well.

4. Using negative keywords: There is every likelihood that some keywords are not being the best performing ones and yet, are triggering your ad. These could be root or general keywords. You do not need to understand what the badly performing search terms are, and then add them up into the negative keyword list. This may save a great deal of money in the long run and better your Google Ads quality score.

5. Blocking the bad traffic: There are certain factors such as several clicks that do not convert, higher bounce rates, and clicks coming out of your target audience that are sure recipes for lowering your quality score. Blocking off the invalid traffic might be an unbelievably effective way of raising your score. There are online tools available for this and they are quite useful for blocking off the non-converting clicks.

Fundamentally you need to concentrate on delivering a great ad experience. You need to ensure that the site is responsive, fast, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. However, there is always the chance of fraud clicks from bad people and bots. When you are trying to filter through the bots and malicious clicks, and if you have a dental business operating from the Tampa Bay, FL area you can contact the pros at Affordable Dental SEO for a piece of sound advice.