Getting Your Dental SEO Game On

Getting Your Dental SEO Game OnFor dentists, the competition can be tough especially regarding local areas where patients may be hard to come by.  Knowing this, a dentist with a website needs to know how to have dental SEO done right.

First of all, the same thing that applies to regular SEO and regular local SEO applies to dental SEO.  That means following the basics of structure, integrity, and professionalism that goes along with a successful website.

These tactics include a well designed website with properly tagged images and videos, simple but effective graphics, contact information, quality copywriting, site maps, and all the essentials that makes a website pro level.  Once all that is done comes time for the dental SEO fine tuning.

The dental industry has its own language, lexicons, and medical principles to go by.  Adding these sensibly and creatively to your website is essential.  Keywords and keyphrases are important and shooting for the big keywords and keyphrases is risky.  Once has to fine tune such things to focus on the name of the dental office, the doctor or doctors, the procedures done, the prices, benefits, discounts, and specialties.  The location of the office, credentials, and client testimonials and reviews are important too.

Having sites like Yelp and others that list reviews and customer/client testimonials is a major help.  Make sure such sites have all the pertinent data correct like the spelling and contact information.  Having links to important dental venues helps, and links back too.

Updating content is most important.  Making the content interesting and unique is a plus.  People and the search engines like the personal touch so the dentist or dentists on staff should have their own blog or soapbox to stand on and give their opinions about the dental industry.  This allows for the search engines to determine that your site and blog are authority, a site that people can get pertinent and up to date information.

Dental SEO like all other SEO isn’t a one time thing.  You’ve go tot stay with it and adjust along the way.  SEO is an ever changing landscape where techniques and technologies change often.  The big search engines like Google have monstrous software algorithms that they work on 24/7 and with the advances in computing, these algorithms and software will increase in power.

If you do the SEO yourself you’re taking a risk.  Hiring an SEO company may be the best advantage and option.  It might cost more but at least you’ll have the knowledge that professionals are at the helm.