5 Tips for Creating an Effective Domain Name

If you’re under the impression that the domain name of your site simply indicates its URL link or address, then you’d need to think again. A domain name, apart from spelling out your website’s address, also has a massive influence on its popularity in the online realm. If you opt for a domain name with […] Continue reading

Are Keywords Still Important To Dental SEO?

For the past 18 years, keywords have been the benchmark of what successful SEO and dental SEO relied on. With the advances in software and changes in hardware, are keywords still important to dentist SEO? Don’t let anyone fool you. Keywords are still important, but not as much as they used to be. Reason being, […] Continue reading

Those Long Tail Keywords Are Essential To SEO

Competing with other sites for ranking means not only knowing SEO but why SEO is made of. What often is overlooked are the long tail keywords and that is something that should not be. Most companies just focus on one keyword and get disappointed that when they stuff their websites with these keywords and see […] Continue reading