Basics of Dental Search Engine Optimization

Basics of  Dental SEOThe concept of the dental SEO described below is trivial and actually can be applied towards any kind  of business.

As a dental practice owner you probably appreciate very much when your schedule is booked for a couple of weeks in advance. And if that’s the situation in your dental practice then you are probably doing very well in the current economy. Your website probably has no much competition or you are the only one dentist within 30 miles radius of your town. If you are not booked for two weeks in advance and the next week schedule has more open appointment slots than already booked, then you are in urgent needs of increasing web traffic to your website and you are  at the right place. We can help you.

A couple of words about your website. Even if your existing website looks like it’s been developed in pre historical times, it’s still better than not having one at all. It’s also better to have a domain name that accumulated same age. The older website  domain you will use for your website, the better it is for SEO optimization process.

I figure that it would be very useful for  you as a practice owner to understand the mechanism behind the SEO optimization because the knowledge will allow you to make right decisions in regards to the SEO and web marketing for your business.

Below are the main items of the dental SEO optimization.

1. Keywords for your dentist SEO optimization needs to be figured out before SEO process starts.

2. Geographical areas of your dental SEO.

4. Website domain related: the importance of the right domain name and the age of the website.

3. Title, description and other metatags as a part of the on-site optimization.

4. Content of the home page and inner pages.

5. Inbound linking as a part of the off-site optimization.

6. Development platform of the website.

7. Hosting Server and the website load time.

8. Social media optimization.

9. Website convertibility.

10. SEO Tools including Google analytics, Google  Webmaster tools which may be handy for SEO.

11. Google Local place for your dental practice

12. Google sandbox: how to get off this place if you got there by mistake.

I intentionally listed only 12 essential SEO items that are most important for successful dental SEO and will try to cover each of the item on a weekly basis. Please visit my website blog regularly for new updates and useful information.