Can Social Media Affect Your Website Traffic and SEO?

Social Media and SEO 300x300 Can Social Media sites drive traffic only or can they still help with your SEO?
Picture credit: Affordable SEO

Social Media is undeniably valuable but if you could make it work to improve your SEO then you could get a lot more value from it. Generally SEO and social media are considered separately and often dealt with by different people or even different departments in a company often with Social Media coming under PR and SEO being dealt with by a web designer or web master.

At the very least social media people and SEO people should be communicating and discussing what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve, if you are using agencies or freelancers then it makes sense to use the same provider for Social Media and SEO.

Several of the biggest social media sites have ‘No Follow’ links, this means that they have little value for SEO as a search engine robot is basically being told to ignore them; it is a way of saying here is this site but linking to it doesn’t mean we endorse it and we don’t want to spread Pagerank to it. Read more …