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Penguin and Panda Update Affects are Explained by Cutts

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Matt Cutts Headshot Wikipedia 201x300 Cutts gives insights into Penguin, Panda and Google Philosophy

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According to Matt Cutts the Penguin Penalty isn’t what Google consider a penalty but simply an Algorithm change. All semantics really but Matt Cutts in an interview at SMX (the Search Marketing Expo) certainly didn’t seem to suggest he or Google had any remorse for the Penguin update they unleashed earlier this year.

In an interview that will be fascinating to anyone with a passing interest in Search Engine Optimization Matt Cutts also confirms that there are no Penguin Updates yet despite what some think and it is data refreshes that have seen some sites recover, presumably where they have got rid of the links that were causing them problems.

The Penguin update of course has bought up question from observers about negative SEO and many site owners believe that their competitors have used this against them.


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What you and your dentist need to do to avoid being hit by Google Penguin

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If you are a dentist and have a website that has ever used any kind of SEO you need to be aware of Google’s Penguin update, a few things may be true though.

You may have used dental SEO services in the past and recently found that the amount of traffic and new customers you have from your site has fallen drastically, you may have been luckier and only found a slight fall so far, you may not have had a fall yet but still be at risk or you may be lucky and have a website where all the SEO done in the past has been to a great standard and you have nothing to worry about.

Dental SEO services vary greatly some SEO consultants use what are known as ‘Black Hat’ techniques, these often get massive traffic briefly by tricking Google but Google generally catches up with them in the end and Penguin is about not just ignoring the effects of these techniques but actually penalizing you for using them.

If you, or rather your Dental SEO provider, have used ‘White Hat’ techniques then Google should be happy with your site and leave you alone, if there is just one link they don’t approve of though they may penalize you.

Just because Google’s Penguin update hasn’t penalized you yet this doesn’t mean you are safe; if you have links from sites that are part of or linked to prohibited link building schemes you should get them removed as soon as possible as Google are picking up the domains of more and more of these sites all of the time and adding them to the Penguin Algorithm.

The best thing to do if you have been penalized or think you may be soon is to get a good SEO consultant to identify the links that may cause problems or be causing problems. At the same time they will need to identify any other causes of penalties due to Penguin; these causes are less common but Google will give you some penalty, these may be the reasons for less drastic drops: if Google find your website contains spam content that may be pages with too unrelated keywords or keywords repeated too many times.

Your Dental SEO consultants may once they have fixed your current problems also be able to suggest to you what to do next with your SEO, the trick is to ensure all links are from reputable and relevant sites and are contained within good quality unique content. This is partly why Dental SEO services are such a specific service as experts are able to find the best links for a dental surgery website.

Content is also important of course and needs to be written around the keywords you want to rank for so it is directly relevant rather than putting keywords in totally unrelated articles, duplicate articles found elsewhere online or poor quality auto-generated articles, all of which are reasons why you may get penalized.

What dentist needs to know about Penguin 1.0 and Penguin 1.1 updates

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SEO Tampa to help you deal with Google Penguin UpdatesIt seems no-one is safe from Google Penguin and that includes small businesses such as Dentists. For a dentist SEO may have been done in the past by someone claiming to be an SEO expert, most dentists don’t have the time or the money to do their own SEO so when visitors to your site start falling drastically what are you meant to do?

Well if you haven’t heard of Penguin it is an update by Google to how they rank websites and huge numbers have been penalized or at the very least important links that used to give sites the ranks they did are now ignored.

The biggest problems though are where Google decide they don’t like the links you do have to the point where they penalize you and may potentially de-list some or all of your pages; this means some websites have seen numbers drop to zero.

As a dentist SEO may seem like something to stay away from in future then and turn your back on, the important thing with SEO though is to do it how Google want you to do it and avoid the tricks some unscrupulous SEO consultants use to get you quick but short-lived results.

A good SEO consultant who knows how SEO should be done can also reverse the effects of penguin and we have now got our first glimpse of Google’s attitude to those who do make the effort to remove those links they have a problem with and spam pages.

Google’s Penguin 1.1 isn’t a change to the algorithm but an update to the database, this means that they have checked again to see whether penalized sites have sorted their problems out, this means those that acted fast should now see traffic improve again.

There will presumably be future Penguin updates but it is likely that with time they will become less frequent so for a dentist SEO should be looked at as soon as possible to deal with problems. This isn’t always a quick job either, getting links removed can be a lengthy job and if it proves impossible you may have to send a plea to Google explaining that you can’t get a link removed, they will then take a view, once they get round to looking at it.

Also for a dentist SEO is likely to include some landing pages and these must include good quality content and not be stuffed with keywords to work, a good SEO consultant can fix this for you.

At the same time you may need new high quality links to replace those you have lost and ensure you get back to a good position in Google. This again takes time as good quality links are generally accompanied by unique high quality content such as comments and also need to be relevant. At least having seen the traffic you used to get from high rankings in Google though you know just how valuable to a dentist SEO can be.