Role of the new website How Search Works in SEO

How Search Works SEO Tips
Image credit: Google

Google released a new website in 2013 which is aimed at helping people to have an understanding into the working of search. The new website being talked about is How Search Works. All the information offered by the website can aid people through the SEO efforts that are helpful in improving the ranking of the website.

For using this new website, all that needs to be done is to Google it. The results page will display the website on the first option. When the top option is clicked you will be taken a page where you would find all details on How Search Works. The first section lays stress on indexing and crawling and also on the way in which sixty trillion pages constitutes the internet. The count of the websites, however, is continually on the rise.

The second section of this website would show links are followed by Google from one page to the other, while the pages are sorted out in accordance with their content. You would also come to know more on algorithm and about the way in which it understands the specific matter that is being looked for because the results delivered are exact.

Fighting spam

The website in the 3rd section, offers people a glance into what is that which Google deals with when battling spam. Spam can have a large variety that includes bad SEO practices, hidden keywords, hacked sites, cloaking, and more. Google offers a glance into what it is looking at and what are the methods in which it starts removing them.

Fighting spam is something that has to be ensured by Google because it is important to keep the result of search pure. The SEO specialists, webmasters, and the owners of website need to understand spam and what constitutes it in order that such things are avoided. By avoiding the use of such methods from the very beginning, you wouldn’t have to clean the spam mess.

The Index

More than 200 factors are used by Google for determining the way in which a website should be indexed. The algorithm is subject to constant change by Google so as to make sure that all the results delivered are the purest. The website also stresses on the fact that there can be different forms for results. The results which would be delivered shall be determined by whether you are on a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.