Putting A Smile On Your Dental SEO

Putting A Smile On Your Dental SEOPromoting your dental business with SEO isn’t that difficult. It follows the same principles as regular SEO, you just have to know what to adapt to your business promotion.

The bottom line with today’s SEO is in following sound fundamental principles and adapting to the changes in the software used by the search engines to find and rank your site in a preferable and profitable position.

Number one, make sure you website is professionally constructed. You cant have an absurd design or inefficient navigation. You should have excellent grammar, well placed graphics, pics, videos, logos, and copy. A surfer should be able to understand what your site is about and grasp its understanding, not get confused with bells and whistles and useless items. It should load fast as well. From here you can start building your SEO campaign on solid ground.

Your content should focus on everything dental and dentistry related to not only your business but to the field of dentistry as a whole. The reason for this is because you can broaden your reach outward and inward regarding traffic and reputation. Your copy should be well written with the a combination of technical, relevant, engaging, and entertaining data. Don’t be a stuffed shirt and so bland that people find your site uninteresting. Dental procedures scare people and the more at ease you put the surfer the more smoothly your patients will acclimate to you. Don’t use technical terms at every turn. People don’t understand them. If you do or have to , make sure you add an asterisk and the definition of the term at the bottom of the copy. This will prevent the person from getting swamped with information they don’t understand.

Graphics and videos should accompany any copy and especially those procedures you want to promote. If you have the newest procedure and tool, then you want the public to know it and explain what it does as well as making them feel comfortable that your dental office can deliver the procedure with flying colors. These videos, pics, and graphics should be accompanied by tags and descriptions of the content thus adding to the keywords and keyphrases that the search engines will be looking for.

You’ll need to make your website mobile friendly also. Mobile use is outdistancing desktop and laptop computing at an alarming rate. It isn’t difficult to do, Google has free software and tutorials showing you how.

YouTube is a huge search engine. It’s in the top five if not as big as Google itself. YouTube is both a search engine and social media venue. Uploading videos with your content in it and urls. Make your videos both technical and easy going. You’re introducing procedures and dental products you want people to know are available through you.

Speaking of social media, you’ll need those Facebook and Twitter accounts. They all add up to web presence that can boost your search engine rankings.

All these strategies have to tie into your website in some manner or another. When Google sees your site being active from various sources it determines that your site has some usefulness. It also allows their software to get their queries answered more precisely.

Finally, there’s local SEO. Your site, pics, vids, copy must have your location and contact info. It adds all that to your Google presence. It’s one of the most important things you can do regarding SEO. It allows for precision regarding search engine listings.

So that’s the roundup regarding SEO and dental websites. Get your SEO game on with a smile from now on.

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