Is WordPress beneficial for dental SEO?

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Is WordPress good for your dental SEO campaign? Somewhat. Can it be great for your Dental SEO campaign? Absolutely, what we mean by this is that straight out of the box WordPress is quite good for SEO but with the right plug-ins it can be perfect for not just SEO but your SEO the way you want to do it.

One of the biggest SEO advantages of all for dental SEO is that it is so easy to add articles and this should mean no excuses not to add at least one new article a week: this is in itself vital for SEO to show Google your site is fresh and because you can then user your articles in Social Media and Bookmaking to get more links.

Another important point is that although we don’t know exactly what trust factors Google use a having WordPress factor could be one of them, in short Google like WordPress and its users and presumably has data showing that WordPress is rarely used by spammers, also WordPress is by default set to have no-follow external links meaning that Google rarely find WordPress sites full to bursting with spam links.

When adding your articles a few plugins will allow you to instantly create SEO friendly URLS and also meta descriptions that are important to your Dental SEO work as well. Another important point is that when you add images to your pages or posts you are given a field to quickly add the alt tag meaning your site shouldn’t end up with missing alt tags that could penalize your site.

To really get the most out of your Dental SEO campaign you should constantly check your Analytics and Google Analytics is one of the best and easiest to use packages, which also allows you to set up conversion tracking. A couple of plugins and Google Analytics and conversion tracking can be setup on every page of your WordPress site, not just that though it will ingrate into your dashboard so you can get a snapshot every-time you login and link through to more data.

Using conversion tracking means that you can see not just which keywords are leading to high levels of traffic but which are leading to the most conversions. For your dental SEO work you may find that you want to set up conversions of a customer coming through to your contact us page or submitting an enquiry or booking form.

Then there is WordPress’ crawlability; Googlebots, the pieces of software that crawl websites, are only software and can get lost or miss pages so some sites have pages never indexed by Google and therefore never shown in results. Not only is WordPress easy for Googlebots and other search engine bots to crawl without getting lost and without missing content, such as that hidden on some sites in javascipt or flash, but the sheer number of WordPress sites means search engines program bots to recognise a WordPress website and crawl it accordingly.