Google Zeitgeist 2011 and SEO insights

Using link-bait content is standard SEO practice and a great way to do this is to create articles on the latest hot topics. If you are writing quality content on the latest hot trends then you should naturally get traffic anyway as well as you use on page SEO effectively and if you use Social Media to drive traffic.

Twitter’s trending topics is one way to find out what hot topics at any time are, sometimes these change too quickly though. Google now though tells you what the trends for the last year have been; this allows you to create content that should stay popular for a little longer. On SEO professionals can look at the fastest rising queries as well as the fastest falling letting you know what to avoid writing about too.

You can also see a number of other useful top tens, the fastest growing news story keywords, people, entertainment, consumer electronics, food and drink and sports related terms. You can even see these by region so you can make sure that you aren’t trying to get traffic to your UK site using articles about American Football players who few in the UK have a clue about let a lone will search for.

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