Good Dental SEO Means Using Good Local SEO

Good Dental SEO Means Using Good Local SEOThe bottom line is that you want people to find your dental office and its services. Via the web this means applying good dentist SEO. Your site must have the proper, pertinent information that brings those surfers in, not make them confused. A great must-do additional service is applying Local SEO as well.

You already know that Dental SEO means adding content that is relevant to the dental industry. Things like services, tools, techniques, and the latest dental news. That’s a great start but to hedge your bet even further, you’ll need to add Local SEO for that final touch of panache.
By adding information about the location of your business, you’ll get more mileage to your SEO campaigns. This is logical as people look not only for goods and services, but also what’s nearest them for convenience. When you let people know that you’re the servicee they’re looking for and you’re just a stone’s throw a way, then that’s all the better.

First of all your website has to be professionally constructed. Google indexes webpages, not websites, so this means each page should have a lot of pertinent information such as keywords, keyphrases, keygroups, contact information and all that should be included in all pics, videos, and graphics as well as copy. Descriptions and alt tags, all come into play here. Use also a service like Google My Business and other directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and the like. In any case, your location and contact information should be shown prominently, not just a hyperlink, but full data. City, State, zip code, even county. Why? Because all of these will expand your search ground as people will be adding queries that will indeed include such data.

Once you’ve got such info on your pages, wait a while and check your statistics. Look for what keywords are drawing the most attention and from where that traffic is coming from. From there you’ll be able to tweak your campaigns even further for better gain overall.

Don’t just add your specific location either. You can cover lots of ground by mentioning other areas of interest in your location. For example, sporting events, concerts, historical and vacation sites. Mix it up with some copy that emphasizes good dental hygiene or the like and how having a presentable smile will make visiting these events all the more fun.

Combine your copy and videos that focus on not only the basic things you provide, but also the latest in dental news, perhaps some humor with an occasional dental joke that you can pick up at various joke sites. Take selfies with your patients and make sure your social media venues are set up to post such interesting content. Google will see this activity and consider your site of value thus raising your listings.

Ask your patients and staff to provide content too, like videos, pics, reviews. Combined, all these add up to promotion and search engine points.
There is a plethora of variations to a theme here and it’s going to take some trial and error, but after a few months you should be well honed.
Dental SEO works best with Local SEO, don’t underestimate the value.