Five Common SEO Mistakes according to Google

dentist seoThere are a lot of lists of SEO mistakes out on the internet but these ones are straight from the horse’s mouth, by which we mean Google, and they aren’t the standard ones you’ve probably seen time and time again before.

The first two in fact tell you a lot about Google and the way they see websites, they realize they are marketing tools for business and that they must be a part of companies wider marketing, this in turn makes websites more relevant and useful presumably.

1. Google’s first point is to avoid the mistake of having no value proposition, a mistake often listed in marketing mistakes lists but less often associated with SEO mistakes. Google’s argument is though that by knowing why your site should be number one for a keyword you should be able to come up with better pages and more relevant content, good for you, good for searchers and good for Google then.

2. Secondly Google champion an SEO and marketing department that are integrated, and know what each other are doing. This is also then a piece of advice often given in marketing mistakes lists, it is true though and SEO departments often don’t know what they are really trying to achieve. It is worse with a out of house SEO agency who your marketing department or agency don’t communicate with, give an SEO agency a loose brief and they will probably just bring you any vaguely relevant traffic. By making sure whoever is doing your SEO know that you want to attract customers in certain areas for example, with a clear buying intention, SEO and website people can make sure that landing pages are optimized and keywords carefully chosen.

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