A Few Reasons To Use WordPress For Web Design

wordpress platfor for web site developmentOne of the important decision you may face while developing a blog website is what product to use. Your decision should be based on how simple it will be to get your blog or a website  up and running. It’s also important to consider is availability of extensions which will add to you blog other exciting features (plugins and widgets). I’ve got to assure you the WordPress platform isn’t just a blog software. It is a free incredibly resourceful product, the content managing system which comes with a lot of features, and an amazingly passionate user-base.

Below is a few reasons why you  should consider WordPress for web design of your website or a blog.

Many themes to select from

As oppose to Blogger platform which have just limited themes and template choices to decide from, the WordPress has almost unlimited options. You can easily find these themes by colors, keywords and even unique types just like Buddy-Press or seasonal.

Simple to maintain

It is very easy to modify the look and feel of  the WordPress based blog or a website, even if you don’t know familiar you are with CSS and any further programming languages. The mote familiar you get with the WordPress  product, the more competent you will feel to customize or to modify your blog theme. Even with a little experience you may set-up the blog widgets and plugins for your website or a blog.

Lots of plugins to extend your sites functionality

With various blogging platforms you are limited to the basic blogging functionality. With WordPress web design possibilities are almost endless with availability of very many free plug-ins that you may install to amplify your functionality and options. For instance there are several plugins which may let you use a shopping-cart or social networking functionality on your website

Adding a social aspect to your site is easy 

You can add a social feature to your website like a forum for the visitors of your blog to use throughout the BBPress plugins and BuddyPress. It allows to private communications among your readers within a blog including chat functionality.

Good Opens Source community

Open source community people are jointly working to make WordPress is the most secure and user friendly platform. These people are a part of the Open Source developers community, without which, there wouldn’t be free plugins and themes. It’s made the WordPress platform a well-known platform not only for developing blogs but also for website design. Currently WordPress is being used widely across many countries including US. You may visit WordPress.org where you can get guidelines on how to start on developing your first blog.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is very SEO friendly platform. A very many free plugins available to help you out with the SEO optimization. including meta tags management, social bookmarking,  Google Analytics and inbound traffic statistics.