10 Things You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization #1

Do You know that 80 to 90% of the web traffic originates from the major Search Engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing?
That is why it’s very important to represent your business on the internet and it’s also as important to be visible on the internet.

Do a test. Search your site on Google for instance to see if your website will come up on the first page when you search for services or products you offer. If you are on a first page of search results then you don’t have to worry about it.If you are on a second or a third page perhaps then some tweaking might need to be done to get your website to the first page. If you are not even on a fifth page then your website might need to have some serious work done to make it visible to your potential customers.

Do you know, you might be missing hundreds or even thousand potential website visitors a months by not being on a first page of major search engines?
But the worst thing is that your competitors websites are being displayed on a first page and this is who is getting all that attention while searching for services you provide or products you sell.

Perhaps it’s not to late to start doing something about it unless you really confident that telephone book’s time will be coming back soon.
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