Some of the most common mistakes webmasters do

Dental SEOOver the years one of the most debated topics has been the relevance of freshness of contents. While a blog can be updated on a regular basis it is difficult for a company website for being updated on a regular basis. Recently the algorithm changes and updates by Google has expressed that the websites which are updated on a regular basis would have a boost in their search engine rankings and would rank much better. Another thing which should be avoided is publishing content at one go. It may harm a website and it would be recommended to schedule posts rather than publishing them all at once. This way webmasters can ensure that their websites are always crawled by the Search Engines which helps in ranking the articles much better.

There are a few things which webmasters usually do and most of them do it unknowingly. Some of the areas where they go wrong have been discussed below:

  • Not making the site crawlable: This is one of the most common mistakes which have been evident among the webmasters. It is advised that the pages which the webmaster wishes to be indexed by Google needs to be easily accessible by the search engines. This aspect needs to be addressed while designing the website’s architecture and navigation. It has been observed that on big websites navigation gets difficult. However, still it should be the responsibility of the webmaster to organize the contents in a manner that it’s easy for a 1st time visitor to check the content he is in search of.
  • Not including the Right Words on the Page: Matt Cutt mentions that there are webmasters who do not use the right words on their pages. He uses the comparative example of ‘Mount Everest elevation’ or ‘how high is Mount Everest’. Many would start wondering what could be the difference of using any of the words. Here comes the relevance of the Google Keyword tool. If one searchers the keyword Mount Everest Elevation then it would list that around 6,600 people search the keyword globally. However, they might be surprised to know that ‘how high is Mount Everest’ is searched about 8,100 times. Here is the difference that says that usage of the right keywords can help the contents rank better.
  • Not considering compelling Content and Marketing: This is one of the other mistakes many webmasters do without having the intent to do so. In the past it was seen that sites having lots of links were getting a boost in serps which made most of the webmasters to build more and more links. This actually led to a degradation of the search quality but with the Panda update recently all the sites with poor links got penalized. This has made it more important for the webmasters to publish rich and quality contents where the contents attract external links automatically.
  • Not Thinking About Title and Description on the Really Important Pages: Termed as On-site SEO it is very important to have titles and descriptions for a particular website and its pages. It is well known that a lot of money gets spent on designing and link building of a website. However, many webmasters tend to neglect or avoid writing descriptions and tags for their pages. It should be noted that on-site SEO can be boosted with right descriptions and titles to every page.