Simple yet amazing tips for optimizing a WordPress Blog better

Dentist Search Experience OptimizationIn case you are a blogger or you had been waiting to start your own blog for a long time but never had time to make it yourself, then we have something which can certainly help you. WordPress is the simplest and a very popular blogging platform which is the favourite among the bloggers today. You would be delighted to know that it presents one great solution to all your blogging needs. Presently around 60 million people are using the WordPress platform to make their websites and start blogging. For the perspective of Dentist websites and people working on Dentist SEO these tips would certainly be handy.

  • Select an SEO friendly WordPress theme: This is among the vital elements for you while creating a new website. There are various themes which you could purchase and customize as per your needs which are highly SEO friendly. The prices of these themes range anywhere between $50 and $100. For the dentists having a Dental SEO friendly theme for your website cuts down time and other expertise which you would have required in case you had started from the scratch. Although every theme you may come across would bet to be SEO friendly, but most of them are not. The simple things which can help you understand a theme to be SEO friendly is the SEO best practices like the presence of H1 tags in the blog post titles.  Moreover other aspects such as presence of Meta descriptions as well as other post to post tools. However the latter could be taken care off by the use of SEO plugins.
  • Select an SEO friendly WordPress plugin: The market is full of SEO plugins available for the WordPress platform. These SEO plugins give a very user friendly interface in order to optimize the blog and it blog posts. It facilitates in making the blog search engine friendly and get good search engine benefits. It builds upon the benefits which the normal WordPress interface comes with. Also it adds to the already existing features which the SEO theme you have on your website. Some of the popular SEO plugins include the Meta descriptions. 301 redirects, index/noindex, etc. Using a good SEO plugin may even automate this process of filling each field but it’s recommended to manually fill the spaces. A popular SEO plugin which is reliable and quite effective for Dentist SEO of your website is Yoast SEO.
  • Use the Optimized WordPress Categories: WordPress has the option to use categories as well as tags for organizing the posts.  With optimized categories the blogger is allowed to take the keyword research while integrating it into their URL structure. This is a very important factor with respect to SEO. Tags are regarded as another important element for organizing posts. It enhances the user experience for the visitors to your blog. However it is recommended that they are provided with a noindex attribute so that the search engines do not pick tag pages.

The other things to have in mind is using keywords in the title tags and writing quality articles. These along with other things mentioned above can be very simple to implement and make the best out of the efforts you put in for your Dentist SEO.