SEO for Dental surgeries

Dental surgeries exist in all towns and cities in large numbers, this means that it is difficult to set yourself apart as a dentists and difficult to get noticed. Dentists can try to gain a competitive advantage, something different and better than others, but this is difficult with anything other than price; few dentists do compete on price as it suggests to customers that they may not do a good job and customers aren’t very price sensitive as they want a good quality service and are unlikely to be thrifty. Things such as word of mouth help dentists but there is little a dentists can do to benefit from that straight away and often advertising is the only way dentists an use to get new customers.

If people have just moved to an area and are looking for a dentist or are unhappy or fed up with their current dentist then they may well look online for a new dentist. Most people will start on Google or another search engine and put in something like “Tampa Bay dental surgery” this is going to throw up a few results and you may assume that if your dental surgery has some kind of website and you are in Tampa you will show up. This is probably not the case though unless you have done SEO work on your website. Dental SEO will usually be focused on a location and key phrases including that location and related keywords will be included on the site. Dentist SEO has relatively few keywords though and so you will be competing for positions on Google with your local rivals, there are of course a finite amount but everyone will want to be at least in the top three positions. Dental SEO services should be able to get you to number one if this is what you want with enough effort but also by making sure you are getting to number one for the right keywords you will get the best value for money. Dentist SEO services should make sure you are investing in the right keywords with plenty of traffic but also relevant traffic so getting you top for tooth care may actually have little value but “Tampa bay dental surgery” may bring you traffic that will more often than not convert into phone enquiries. Dental SEO to make sure you are getting good positions for the keywords you want will be focused on placing content including the right words on your site as well as building links to your site. Again links should be relevant from related sites with the right kind of related keywords on their pages, links that are from sites that are popular themselves can actually drive traffic as well as improving positions in search engine results. Increasingly people are using the internet to find dental surgeries and dental SEO services are the best way to get a top position.