Memorial Day Weekend Penguin 1.1 Update

New Google Penguin Update 1.1  There is nothing better to do on Memorial Weekend Sunday morning (5/27/12)  than to wake up to realize that Google pushed a new Penguin 1.1 Updates. I definitely missed Google’s Matt Cutts update yesterday on Twitter: “Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches. Context: 

According to Google, only a minimal number of English searches has been affected by recent Penguin 1.1 update.

Obviously Google continue to improve search engine algorithms to remove web spam in Google search results.  And obviously the second round of filtering does not give enough time to webmasters to figure out way of remediation of the rank losses.

Here is a few Google Penguin update effects I noticed recently:

1. Penguin updates affect local as well as global searches. For instance the websites ranked high for searches such as  “chiropractic SEO”  as well as for “chiropractor Miami” might be filtered.

2. Penguin updates in some cases significantly degrade the site rank (10+ pages drop) and also in some cases just slightly downgrade the website rank by a few points or pages.

3. In many cases affected sites are still highly ranked for some keywords but downgraded for many other keywords.

4. Some of the pages Google Penguin Updates 1.0 has affected are partially gained some visibility but no complete recovery of page ranking has been seen as of now.

It would be nice to see if anybody has noticed any other effects of the Penguin Updates and willing to share it.